25 of April 1975

25 of April 1975

Thirty six years after of today’s date .25/4/11; it is commemorations of new Republic, and at the same time also the Government ask for borrow money of it is own mistake or corruption from the Leaders of unstable governments since then, Luxury must be the intentions too, and greed of the most Leaders, to help themselves with subsidize money. Was created decimal third and forth months; and many of them with double and some with triple pensions. Also many kind of subsidize which the judges received 700 Euros every month towards the rent houses, but the majority have had the own houses. Many Figures of Government from the first Figure; may thought the money could made them with the power which their deserved having. In Portugal; many people lost the control over its own thoughts, towards rich life and corruption also took over the greed that later the people start to have great difficulties, because taxes start to arrive in most the businesses to cover the Government expenses.
Portugal may survive; but will take many years to do so, when people do not have money, because of not having employment, then business cannot grow too. I believe the great fault of business mentality to govern government; and honesty towards the own people of this great Nation which is Portugal. Portugal was a great contributor to the developed world; to the point discovery and conquer many Land’s around the world, and the linguistic of Lingua Franca the Portuguese language around the world, special around India Ocean.
Portugal of today; with only ten million people, and was eleven just forty years ago. Portuguese has been for hundreds of years some kind of emigrants of many with great skills, that never was studding by the Governments of the great lost for Portugal. Many countries; such USA and Canada got a great help this way; and myself one of them that lived in Canada for thirty four years, and most of them factories always was a supervisor manager and vice-president. Now I am try be useful by being a writer in many fields such, environment, philosophy of human behavior in many ways of thoughts that human are involved. Politics in many Governments are now in priority, special towards Portugal with his own way of life that involved greed and corruption. Also the way Liberty should be part of Democracy, and people also should have represent it’s own thoughts, included of having to vote for referendum of such issues homosexual marriage. The people should be part of any government in many issues of the great importance to be deal with referendum, included when government have to borrow money and what kind of sacrifice people would go starting having.
The basic food basket should not be taxes in any Country; because not as much now in the world, and the environment tend to be worse every year pass that I will discuss in my book already in progress and with it unpublished Registrar of Copyrights “Enigma Global” in Canada..
Freelance Writer A.Oscar Silva


Sobre A.Oscar

I’m a writer of Environment and human behavior of such.I’m divorced and Portuguese-Canadian.
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