Struggle in the Persian (Iran) Gulf part four

Struggle in the Persian (Iran Gulf

Part four of these chapters



After the fort’s evasion by the Persians, Dutch  and the English’s the Portuguese did not fight and  bombarded simultaneously the castle and the Portuguese fleet, the largest  galleon  San Pedro was set on fire first and one by one the others ships destroyed. In the other side the Persians succeeded in blowing up part of the wall, but their assault by the Persians was repulsed with losses.

The situation of the garrison was desperate, and as the result of negotiations the fort was surrender to the English and the Dutch. Five years after this feat of arms Sir Thomas Herbert visited Hormuz and wrote about the past.

Thus fell the famous fort of Hormuz, by means of which the Portuguese for more than a century had held at their mercy the silk and spices trade between India and Europe by the Persian Gulf.

Portugal was than thrown back on Maskat, but from that base remained still the English squadron which was forced to keep with the Dutch for mutual protection and by than 1624 the allied forces fought an indecisive action against the Portuguese.

In 1625 the squadron from England was attacked by Botelho, the new Portuguese commander, but the Portuguese was not succeeded and left the battle. Some time later the Portuguese commander Rui Freire attacked and succeeded in burning the English ship. The crew fell into the hands of the enemy and were ruthlessly massacred, one man alone being spared.

Gradually, however the power of the Portuguese waned, an expedition which was fitted out in 1630 to capture of Hormuz but being a failure.Maskat was capture by the Imam of Oman in 1650 (Turkey) and after the capture of Hormuz the Persian give the name of portugals to the sweet oranges to remember the Portuguese in the Hormuz..

For the English the tacking of Hormuz was the most important event which occurred since their appearance in the East. Without the English and Dutch help the Persian could not gain Hormuz.

In the 1635 the English made peace with Portugal in the East, two years later the Dutch and English companies which have had business trade from India goods, they joined together in to one company, strength even more the two countries against Portugal and the moral of the Portuguese was low because still under the rules of Spain until 1640, and because of such both took advantage mainly at the expenses of Portugal and many possessions they seized to the hands of English and Dutch’s.

After all the Dutch’s came up to are the masters of Persian trade in 1666 and the English come to be second in missions of trade? Just after 1645 or 18 century the English and the Dutch lost such famous in the Persian trade until French came in to be the latest power to approach Persian from South. Silk and Spices was the main trade when start by the Portuguese and continue with the English and the Dutch’s until the French took over 1664 was great to France until 1708  by then 1809 the French embassy expulsion from Persian change again the Europeans way of life which the Portuguese start first the commercial way with them.

A change around the world has been constantly for the goodness of men, but because not everyone is the same, conflicts occurred for more changes. Secret organizations has been created for more then one hundred of years, many of the creators die, but the strength continue the same way with new persons. At that time only men was allowed and even that change, and now women also are allowed, to keep such organizations alive. The problem even so of such organizations most belong to the old ally with some exceptions.

Since that time, the evasion of the Portuguese Hormuz by the English and Dutch and the union of merchants companies they came more friends until these days. Included by be belonging to the secret organizations.

Holland came to be a wealth country most of all the great help from be a country which discover crude in one island of Indonesian just about the same time the U.S.A did in the States and come a Super’ Power too in the oil business which the Shell company came along and later the English join forces up to today many Shell companies have many gas stations around the world. Industrial ways came strong too with factories such Philips the most sophisticated radios in Europe after the Second World War, and now continue with electronics’ the same way.

Holland a very small country half the size of Portugal, and because of such success and the likes from the English speaking Countries got the credit from them by being one of them in such way that with my 32 years living in Canada presence good values towards Dutch people even so from the U.S.A to the point of heard many times with a jock about Portugal be a small Country and what they do there many have ask me.

Never have heard saying Holland be a small Country or any other critic to them, only good and for that manner the proof come in to, when you come famous you may die famous even so you may not that good any more.

Portugal was a Country the entrance to Europe which England use to attack the Spanish and the French not only to help defend Portugal from the aggressors, but to use for other ways which would no be good to mention in this chapters.

Not always mention about the truth could give the rights to any ‘one because everyone are right on its own way, dependent the needs which come first. At the same time the needs could create greed and with that many problems, included wars and the hate of some towards others. This story do not come in away to prove anything right or wrong, but to make many understanding we all human Beings walk towards any end without returned which could proved nothing could be for ever, not only by the human Mind, also by Nature which the evolutions or changes continue for good and for bad either we want or not.

If any ‘one could look in to human history; the way its now, you may understand the way human Beings looking in to the future, not different from the past, greed still in and the only differences of today it’s much different.

Globe warming, excessive use of crude and resources from Nature (ore) and weapons of mass destruction such Atomic and hydrogen bombs, enough exist now in some countries to destroy the Planet and all combine could change the solar system.

I ‘am not try to change any ‘ones mind, but reflecting of what going in the world today I must say it is more danger living now in our world of today, then was in the past history.

Many times I have said! If any divine spirit such Jesus Christ come back again to save the world, He will be killed again, may not the same way. The population we have in the world  six billion, and lack of understanding towards peace and the continuation of human race are very little .Competitions among them are to many included in the religion matter  with only one God, everyone in many countries want to proved the best religion for the same God, and with that nothing else then just politics way of live to promote what should be right in the own Country for economics purpose and power for prestige of be and of having, nothing else more.

Just think about some one divide the world in many worlds, and the only problem too has been the jumping from First World in to the Third World without mention which Countries belong to the Second World.

Also the division of the most riches countries in the world the Seven + one Russian .How could we try understanding the truth about them?  The time has been our Master for, one day some’ one may change all that for ever the same way evolution has done to everybody and the Countries itself. For what Empires and why so much greed in human mind, we all mortal and nothing for ever.

Finish for now of such story which some I learn from books which my experience also created throughout the years from heard, see and thinking with sorry why human Nature cannot be a little better for the continuation of human surviving.

For the good of all with peace, food and water and a little more of understanding the dangers we all are, most of all the human Beings of extinction.

You could write to me with a purpose of both learning together, and remember we all are teachers and students at the same time.

Created by Antonio Oscar

Respectfully yours,

Antonio Oscar









Sobre A.Oscar

I’m a writer of Environment and human behavior of such.I’m divorced and Portuguese-Canadian.
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