Struggle in the Persian ( Iran) Gulf

Struggle in the Persian (Iran) Gulf


Part one of these chapters


I came to this story because: The situation around the world of today may resemble the past even so not much could do to the future. Enigma Global must including this story may be able to wonder what was then and what is now.

I was living in Canada for 32 years with much informed through out the media in U.S.A and Canada that Portugal only happened to be a small country without many values to mention about, but to them Holland seems like to be a country bigger and strong when only half the size of Portugal, but many more countries in Europe are smaller then Portugal and only you could check about included the size of England witch not much bigger too.

Portugal has been declined in many ways and not only because the problems among themselves the Government and people, also because has been ignored or silence from many reasons which I cannot mention now, just like the Portuguese language the fifth most spoke in the world and not to popular  like Germany, Spanish French and many others.

When no body knows about because of so much propaganda to the others has made me wonder why?

I may know some of the problems but must go slowly with my writing.


We all know the past history could help the present and future too and everything I write about the environment, the past could influence the future in any subject I may like to mention about these subject which will be a few chapters.

Education is what we all want and because of such I’ am learning every day which I used to say, We all are at the same time students and teachers  because of such once I change the subject to show what you may never heard about and this one may be only part of such real story.


The Ormus and the India Ocean was for Portugal the door for commerce between the Arab land and India towards Europe which give Portugal for one hundred years of such control and Lisbon became at that time in 1500 more or less were every’ body from all over Europe looking for the goods they bring, and Portuguese language most spoke which Portugal give the name to Lingua Franca.


Confusion and ignorance came to some people in North America special Canada because Quebec witch sneak’s French and that name seems to them Lingua Franca French word because of Franca.


One of the most important events in history is the rounding of the Cape of Good Hope by the Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias in 1487-88 and because of such the direct seaborne trade between Europe and India.

Until this feat was accomplished, Europe was obliged to purchased spices and other Eastern products from Moslem merchants and came by land just like Mark Polo which then was a long trip in many ways.

Wealth and power was then in Portuguese hands and the direct sea intercourse with Europe change all this. In the two arteries of trade through the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea the flow of commerce ceased.

From that event dates the falling of in wealth and power of the Moslems states of Turkey and Egypt.


Indeed these benefits neither were nor secure without hard fighting and the Portuguese navigators Diogo Cão and Bartolomeu Dias in 1482-88 came to strong many times and many ways to the sailors of Egypt and in 1507 the Portuguese control.

In 1538 the Portuguese came up with problems with Turkish expedition of 66 ships with 20.000 troops. They besieged the fort of Diu in India and nearly captured it by heavy bombardments and numerous assaults.

The Portuguese just about starting to loose the fighting and the Turks suddenly raised and left. The Turks also had quarreled with Sultan of Gujarat which helps Portugal even so they do not like each other.

After of such problems the Portuguese account with the Turks and Egypt the Portuguese came in full possession of the India Ocean for more then 100 years.


The Importance of Ormus- The port of Ormus situated six miles to the south-west of Minab was a great commercial importance.


The first Portuguese expedition against Ormus 1507 was the Greatest among the Portuguese captains Afonso de Albuquerque who in 1507 started with a squadron of seven ships to attack Ormus. He coasted along Arabia, sacking the ports, included Maskat. To modern ideas his cruelty was repulsive, prisoners of both sexes being mutilated with the objects of inspiring fear.

This way he was successful and passing Musandam which termed for Cape Macinde he approached Ormus with flags flying and artillery eradiate point was scaring, and the dismay of his captains a large number of ships were sighted in the harbor, supported by a powerful force drawn up to shore. D’Albuquerque boldly attacked the ships, and most of them deserted by cowardly crews fell into his hands.

After this easy success he proceeded to land his small force, whereupon the boy king submitted and agreed to pay tribute at the rate of 5000 pounds per annum.


The Persian demand for tribute:-A few days after the ratification of the treaty, the king sent to inform D’Albequerque that a representative of Shah Ismail had reached the shore opposite the island, and had sent to inform D’Albuquerque replied that “he might tell the king that this kingdom of Ormus belonged to the King of Portugal, gained by his fleet and his men then D Manoel King of Portugal. Other accords came between Persian and Portugal for the good of both, which terminated in desater for the Portuguese a little more than one hundred years later.


The failure of such event by the Portuguese



D’Albuquerque decided then to construct a powerful fort, the foundations of which were laid, but the intrigues of his captains reacted on the political situation and the work was then stopped.

A bombardment and a blockade both failed, when three ships of his squadron of seven deserted, there was no course open to him except to make to India. He returned to Ormuz some time later, but not in sufficient strength to do anything and the Portuguese stay off until in 1515 seven years later D’Albuquerque, who hade India (Goa Damão e Diu) came from there to attack Ormus again with a powerful fleet. Hue came from Goa with twenty seven ships carrying 3000 men. The local situation change

The Chief Hamid of Persian give up and no open resistance to the Portuguese which came in control and the demand of the Portuguese for permission to complete the forte were granted.

Hamid was assassinated by the Portuguese when he visited D’Albuquerque and the freed from his influence was really to obey the victories in all matters.


The building of the fort proceeded throughout the summer and then finish to a piece of work, and still there the same way was build few hundred years ago and now part of Persian or Iran.


Will continue next time the history which should not forget what made Portugal in control the India Ocean for more them hundred years which no other country have done.


Next time I will mention  the second part and in English again


Antonio oscar











Sobre A.Oscar

I’m a writer of Environment and human behavior of such.I’m divorced and Portuguese-Canadian.
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