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Enigma Global


Write in English and Portuguese understandin Spanish too

what I am going to write would be something  total deferent from what have been don and I will also write in Portuguese. First must say been new on this site and because of such will take some time to make myself understanding the situation we alll human beings are now.

Never the world was in such bad siituation the way we all are now and the situation are very serious which many people do not understanding. I do know the world are divided so much which  make every’one be right in what think about.

Will take long time for me to make some’one understanding all facts  about Enigma Global a book I wrote and start few years ago and will never finish because something new we know every day for that reason would have to update just about every year.

I’am not show the book now but will show many exemples first with  some of myself too.This way everybody will understanding in what I want to explain my thoughts which have been with me  from a chill

Today many people knowing  the dangers we all are now in many factors of life and  at the same time do not mention about, just for not creating some other problems unknowing. Human beings are the most dangers critures in the planet, not just to the others but to themeselves too with such habits enough to destroy themeselves.

We do not have intelligent people in this planet even so, look like we do just like Mr. George Bush and other a like. They used power to control the others and the World the only problem  when start to hat some body because of what they did in the past will create more hat and with it everything more will continue.

Human Mind are  very complex when want to do anything, must do without looking at any dangers to the others or to themeselves..Do you know the U.S.A and Russia  has enough to destroy the planet I’am not mention the other countries such England,France India Paquistan,Israel, China and many more iintelligent people of all that countries do not haver think twice of what could may do if a big war start again and using weapons of  mass destruction

Nature has change too and dangers because men have been try to compete  with Herand the only thing have don, evolutions which cannot go back any more and for that reason seems like we going to have much sooner the same change that happen a few million years ago which the Dinossauros and others living creatures.


Sobre A.Oscar

I’m a writer of Environment and human behavior of such.I’m divorced and Portuguese-Canadian.
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